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Almost Free Basil Plants


I plant basil every summer. Not just for culinary uses but for its medicinal value.  A little research on the internet about basil will reveal that it has properties that help draw venom out of bites and stings but that a blog is for another day.

Since I usually don’t get around to planting basil seeds in the spring I end up buying a   plant at the local home and garden store.  This year there happened to be three plants in the planter instead of one.  So being the frugal person I am I gently divided the roots of the three plants and replanted them into separate planters.  And presto I now have three basils plants for the price of one.

Once the plants reached full size I took several cuttings and put them in water for a week or two to root.  Once each plant had a fair amount of roots I transferred them to planters to give away.  At this point I have lost track of how many plants I got from the one that I bought.  I have shared with friends and at the end of the summer plan to take one of the smaller ones I rooted and bring it indoors for the winter.  If all goes according to plan I won’t have to buy one next spring.

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Safely Quick Thaw Meat Without the Microwave

There are those who claim microwaving food removes the nutrition from food and question the safety of eating microwaved food.  Others staunchly disagree.  I have no idea which is right. For those that want to avoid microwaving food or just don’t have a microwave to thaw their food here is another option.  It isn’t as quick as a microwave but is much faster than sitting it on the counter to thaw. Do not do this with any meat that has instructions to thaw in the refrigerator such as turkey.

Place frozen meat inside a clean zippered plastic bag.   Place the bag in a pan of very hot water.  Check it every 15 minutes or so. Turn the bag  as needed. Replace the hot water as it cools.  Do not leave in water longer than 60 minutes before cooking or placing back in the refrigerator.


Eliminate the need for an iron (almost)

I am always looking for ways to save time and  money.  To make clothes last longer and significantly decrease the amount of ironing you have to do, damp dry your clothes instead of drying them all the way.  The first rule of thumb is to never let the dryer stop and sit idle with the clothes in it.  The longer the clothes sit in the dryer the more wrinkles they will have.  I stop the dryer about 2/3 of the way through the cycle and hang the clothes up immediately.  I keep a drying rack in my laundry room for this purpose. The clothes pictured have not been ironed and are virtually wrinkle free.  Some shirts do better if hung upside down with clothespins. I have a folding wooden drying rack I use for this purpose. Using this method you save both time and electricity.  All that lint you get out of the dryer is your clothes slowly disintegrating. The less time the clothes spend in the dryer the less they break down making them last longer.

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Easy Peasy Windshield Wiper Fluid

IMG_2963You can make your own windshield wiper for pennies and it works great.  All you need is a one gallon container, 1/2 C ammonia and 1T dish soap. Fill the jug with water leaving room for the ammonia and dish soap.   Add the water first or you will find yourself waiting for the bubbles to subside before you can finish adding the water. Add the dish soap and ammonia. Put the lid on and shake. Add to the wiper fluid receptacle as needed.  You might want to add a drop of food coloring so you won’t mistake the wiper fluid for something else.  I write the name and recipe directly on the jug that way I don’t have to look for the recipe when I need to mix up a new batch.  During harsh winters you may want to add a bottle of rubbing alcohol to make sure it doesn’t freeze.

Easy Peasy Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Topping Recipe

IMG_2966This yummy ice cream topping takes about a minute to make and is oh so good.  Mix 1 T Chocolate Syrup (I use Nesquick because it does not have high fructose corn syrup in it).  1 heaping T peanut butter. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Add 1/2 T milk and stir. Serve over ice cream.  Adjust the thickness to your liking by adding a little more or less milk.

Extend the life of your clothes and dryer


A few years back when it was 115-1120 degrees in Oklahoma as a result of the drought, I decided it was too hot to run the  dryer. There was no way the a/c could keep up with it sooooo hot outside.  I decided to start using a clothesline. Well, there wasn’t anything close to the house that would make good clothesline posts so I experimented.  I spent $1 on nylon cord (I didn’t want to spend too much since I didn’t know how well it would work plus I was born a tightwad).  I wove the cord around the railing on the balcony and hung my clothes. I call it my “city slicker” clothesline even though I live in the country. This would work for those living in apartments with balconies as long as the neighbors and landlord don’t mind.  My improvised clothesline works great and I just leave it up all summer. I take it down in the winter to keep it from disintegrating.  It is on its third year now and starting to show some wear but surely I have gotten my money’s worth out of it by now.

I hang my sheets out straight out of the washer.  T-shirts, jeans, towels, etc  I dry about half way so they aren’t too stiff and then hang out.  The sunshine helps rid the clothes of any lingering odors and makes them smell oh so fresh.  I can’t help but sniff the clothes when I bring them in. Too me it smells like sunshine.

Ever noticed how much lint there is in the lint trap of the dryer.  That isn’t house dust. That is your clothes gradually breaking down and disintegrating.  Drying clothes on the clothes line not only save electricity and makes your dryer last longer, it also makes your clothes last longer.  The air wick t-shirts the hubby wears dry wrinkle free.  If you fold the jeans the same as you would hang them they will dry virtually wrinkle free with a slight crease. Now the hubby does not need starched and pressed jeans to go to his construction job but sometimes he needs to meet with customers so  it doesn’t hurt if he looks like he took the time to iron his clothes.

Happy drying. Have a frugal day!