Garden Weed & Grass Prevention

Due to the high clay content of our soil all of our garden is planted in tires with soil that has been composted from the barnyard.  Yes, I have heard chemicals might leach into the soil from the tires. No, I don’t know if it really does but that is not the point of the post.  All winter long the hubby saves the empty feed sacks for me. To keep weeds from growing up between rows I put down the feed sacks as pictured above.  Then I scrape the top layer off of the barnyard with a snow shovel as seen below.  The goat’s hooves have already broken down the nanny berries and left over straw so it is ready to use.


Then I pile it thick on top of the feed sacks to weigh them down.  The feed sacks create a breathable barrier to keep out weeds and grass.  The compost makes it easier to walk on.  Over time the sacks break down and a few weeds and grasses may make their way through but for the most part the area stays clear and it is one less area I have to weed.  As an added bonus it looks nice and it was free. I love free.



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