High Energy Goat Supplement


When we have (goat) kids that are weak, struggling to live, or bottle fed this is our go to supplement.  This  high calorie supplement provides quick energy  and extra calories to help put on weight.  and is used in addition to their mother’s or goat formula.   It is quick and easy to mix up.

  • 1 part corn oil
  • 1 part molasses
  • 2 parts corn syrup

Mix all  three ingredients together. Measure corn oil first. It will lubricate the measuring cup making the molasses and corn syrup slide out easier.  Stir thoroughly.  The oil will not mix in well. You will need to stir it in each time before you use it.  Use a syringe to administer it to the kid. Give 1 cc twice a day to newborns.  Give 2-3 ccs twice  a day once they are a week old.


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