Easy Peasy Windshield Wiper Fluid

IMG_2963You can make your own windshield wiper for pennies and it works great.  All you need is a one gallon container, 1/2 C ammonia and 1T dish soap. Fill the jug with water leaving room for the ammonia and dish soap.   Add the water first or you will find yourself waiting for the bubbles to subside before you can finish adding the water. Add the dish soap and ammonia. Put the lid on and shake. Add to the wiper fluid receptacle as needed.  You might want to add a drop of food coloring so you won’t mistake the wiper fluid for something else.  I write the name and recipe directly on the jug that way I don’t have to look for the recipe when I need to mix up a new batch.  During harsh winters you may want to add a bottle of rubbing alcohol to make sure it doesn’t freeze.


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