Easy Peasy Orange Powered Vinegar Cleaner

IMG_2970 Vinegar is a natural disinfecting cleaner but it does have it draw backs. Quite frankly, it stinks.  Increase its cleaning power and make it smell great simply by placing vinegar in a jar (I used a repurposed  half gallon pickle jar that I have been trying to get to stop smelling like pickles) and adding orange peels every time you eat an orange. Allow to the peels to sit in the vinegar two to three weeks. It is ready when the vinegar smells like oranges and has a slight orange color.   Remove peels and get another use out of something that would have been thrown away by running them threw the garbage disposal to get rid of odors.  Fill a spray bottle half full with the orange vinegar and top it off with water.  Use to cleaner counter tops, sinks, refrigerators, etc.  I usually add a small squirt of dish soap too.


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